Food & Beverages Certificate in Malaysia

Food & Beverages Certificate in Malaysia
This course developed for Food & Beverage service operation under the Hospitality Tourism sub sector of Food& Beverage by the Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources There is a high demand for skilled personnel in this field as the industry is developing rapidly.

The Malaysian Government has noted that food and beverages represents one of the core components of tourist leisure and business tourism and the need for skilled personnel from the Food & Beverage service industry is in demand

The Food & Beverage service area is also recognized globally as a huge growth area and there is a need for properly trained personnel at all levels. This will provide a structured career path and career guidance for individuals.

F&B Service Operations

F&B Service Operation level II (1st Year)

01:F & B Hygiene and Work Safety Practice.
02:F & B Basic Service Operation Preparation.
03:F & B Guest Service Operation Function.
04: Beverage Service Operation Function.
05: Food Service Operation Function Elective.
06: Alcoholic Beverage Preparation.

F&B Service Operation level III (2nd Year)

01: F & B Operation and Service Supervision Activities.
02: F & B Guest Reservation Operation.
03: Specialized Food and Beverage Service.
04: F&B Eventuality and Complaint Handling.
05: F&B Supervisory Function
06: F&B Administrative Function

The Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, the trainees will be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM). This course is fully certified by the Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.

Admission Requirements

Program Benefits

- High School with a minimum of 50% score -100% Internship Placement
- Credit in English-Free Accommodation
- 18 – 35 years old-Monthly Allowance
-Free Duty Meals
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