Study in Germany

Germany is the third most well-known destination among international students and its advanced education framework has something for everybody! The research-oriented environment in Germany’s universities has made it the hub of technology and advancement and its rich history and culture makes it a heaven for students of arts related fields. Being a Schengen country opens up many future pathways for our students and you won’t be limited to traveling just in Germany– you can explore more opportunities in the neighboring Schengen countries as well.
Besides, Germany has a prolonged and prosperous history, an energetic and dynamic way of life blending the advanced and the classics, metropolitan, and the rural which will inundate and make you love each second spent here.

Why study in Germany as an International student?

Following are some core reasons why international students prefer to study in Germany for their high education studies:

Low or Zero Tuition Fee:

Germany is currently the most prominent country which comes under top study destinations and charges low or zero tuition fee from domestic as well as international students.
In 2014, German government passed a resolution that all international students enrolled in public universities are exempted from paying tuition fee but will only have to pay some administrative charges etc.

Globally Recognized Degrees:

All institutions/Universities are now functioning under the bologna reform, which guarantees that all the degrees been issued are globally recognized and authenticated.

English Taught Programs:

Initiating your future in a new country, at a new university, in a new language can be burdensome than you imagine.
Germany not only provides you free studies but you can also allowed to study it in the English language if you lack German language skills.

Part-time Work Opportunities:

The German Government allows international students to work as part-time employees for up to 20 hours a week and can also work full-time during the semester break in order to subsist their everyday living expenses as well as supplementing tuition fee expenses.

Explore Europe on Student Visa:

Once you've received your student visa permit from the German Government you are allowed to travel visa-free in the whole Schengen Area, which makes for a marvelous opportunity to explore the countries you are fascinated about.

Diverse Community:

Germany is one of the most multicultural countries which is an ideal place to study for international students. The nationals of Germany are quite welcoming and supportive. Additionally, you can make a ton of friends originating from all around the globe and find out about their traditions and customs.

Become a German Resident:

Yes, definetly you'll get an opportunity to remain and find work in Germany after your studies. The govenment allows international student to seek post-study jobs for upto 18 additional months, and may also even end up staying longer, if that is what you desire.

Universities In Germany

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Application Process

Students who don't meet free studies criteria

Paid Studies Programs:

Getting a free study program in Germany as a international student requires a strong academic record as their are hundreds of thousands student apply each year so the competition is quite tough.
Besides free studies Germany also provide you an opportunity to study in paid study programs where students with low grades can also apply and study at internationally recognized universities.

Study in Germany Without IELTS:

Some universities in Germany also even allows international students to study without IELTS in their Paid Programs. The eligibility criteria for getting an admission in a Paid program is quite easy. Students with low academic record can easily avail this opportunity to follow their dreams.

Average Tuition Fee for Paid Programs:

The average university for their paid programs charges around: £ 8,000 Euros - £12, 000 Euros for complete degree.

Application Process