Why Study in Canada?

The Canadian education system is preferred by international students all over the world due to its boundless advantages and global recognization. More than 250,000 international students are currently studying in Canadian universities and colleges, and these numbers are continuously rising.
One of the crucial components that are supplying a hike to Canada for a preferred studying abroad destination is its post-study resident visa opportunities. Plus its diverse friendly population, lower crime rate and advanced health-care facilities makes it easier for students to take quick decision.

Why study in Canada as a Pakistani student?

Following are some reasons why Pakistani students desire to study in Canada for their high education studies:

Part-time Jobs:

International students enrolled in Canada for full-time study programs are permitted to work as part-time employer for not more than 20 hours a week and surprisingly students dont need to obtain any other official document from the Canadian government, a 6 months valid study permit is enough to apply for part-time jobs.

Minimum Wage:

The average minimum wage per hour in Canada for students is around $11.55 CAD.

Safety of life:

When it comes to the safety of life, Canada is unarguably considered as one of the safest and harmonious campuses locations around the world. In fact, the internationally reputable "Global Peace Index" recognized Canada as the 6th most peaceful country around the world.


Canadians are very tender-hearted and welcoming people. The mufti-cultural diversity of this country encourages international immigrants and students to select Canada as their most desired country to travel.

Immigration Opportunities:

The chances of getting a PR (Permanent Residence ) in Canada after your degree completion and 1-year post-study visa are quite higher than in other top study destinations like the UK, Australia, and US.

Average Tuition fee range:

Average tuition fee in Canada is around $8,000 CAD - $12,000 CAD Per Semester.

Why apply with Ocean1?

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