Why Study in USA ?

Studying in USA as an international student not just delivers a prosperous way of life but also a blazing academic approach which is very hard to discover elsewhere.
With over 150+ universities in the QS World University Rankings®, the US continues to be the world’s leading destination for international students. Globally reputable universities like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale yet within every state numerous universities anticipate a wide curriculum and specifies detailed course study in the chosen field.


Students can also avail the opportunity to get a partial or full scholarship based on their past academic performances.

Study in USA as a Pakistani student:

Studying at a top-notch university in USA is the major goal of every Pakistani student who wants to study abroad.
Some of the top reasons why international students prefer USA as their study destination:

1- High standard of education across the world. 2- Academic excellence as well as personality development.
3- Academic training meld with practical training aid cultivating the finest talent. 4- Global affiliations help students to experience international and diverse exposure.
5- Partial and fully-funded Scholarship options for international students. 6- Wide range of internationally recognized academic courses to choose from.

Average Tuition fee range:

Average tuition fee in USA is $4,000 USD - $12,000 USD Per Semester.

Study in USA without IELTS:

Yes, its possible to achieve a student visa of USA without IELTS. If your previous degree/studies were taught in English language, or from a native English speaking country. However, if you are not one of the above mentioned, there may be a progression of inquiries you should answer at the visa interview, unless if you have been chosen for an exceptionally ranked institute.

Universities In USA

Why apply with Ocean1?

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