Visa Filing

Visa Filing

Ocean1 Pvt Ltd considers it as an honor to assist students in filling and processing their visa application.
Student visa is an official validation provided by the immigration authorities on student's passport which ensures that the student is permitted to pass-into the country and remain to study.
The process is generally initiated once the student gets COE (Confirmation of enrollment) from the desired university he/she applied for. That’s why it is suggested to accomplish the first phase of admission process and documents submission as soon as possible in order to file your visa on time as time can vary on outcome.
There are some crucial steps to apply for a student visa filling but the implementation of these steps may vary country to country. Ocean1 will help students to implement these steps properly.

Student will be asked by the embassy to show following evidences:

  • Proof of COE (Confirmation of enrollment) given by university.
  • Passport with validity of at least 6 months beyond period of stay.
  • Evidence of Financial capabilities to bear your tuition fees, accommodation cost and travelling cost.
  • Proof of language proficiency may be required.
  • Medical health examination and report.

Ocean1 will guide you throughout the process of submission of required documents as per latest immigration laws.

Submission of Payment

Fee can be paid at authorized bank provided by embassy with your provided reference number.

Student will receive an official email from embassy with all the details including interview test date, time and venue.

*Any additional documents can be required by the embassy as per their policies and regulations

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